The Story of Our Restaurant

Ming Lee


My father Art Lee spent many years as the head chef for Ming’s Garden in La Jolla, CA until he decided to move my family to Windsor, Colorado in 1986 where we opened South China Restaurant on May 9th. In 1991 my father became very ill and I took over as the head chef and challenged myself with keeping the family recipes alive! A few years later in 1995 we moved to Fort Collins into this very same location. I am proud to say that we have never changed who we are. Our restaurant was opened and still operates with a different philosophy than most others still in existence today.

“Preserve recipes in their original design from China all while using the freshest ingredients available and making everything by hand from scratch!”

In a day and age of rising costs, microwave ovens, precooked and reheated food and an extreme lack of quality, we have managed to keep this philosophy! It has not always been easy to do this, yet we are committed to giving you the best combination of Mandarin, Szechuan, and Cantonese dishes found anywhere in Colorado, just as they were meant to be tasted! I personally prepare all dishes myself in order to preserve the integrity of our recipes! This is our #1 priority!

Please bear with us as we prepare each dish from scratch to order! I hope you enjoy!

Ming Lee - Owner and Executive Chef